Hello World….

I’ve started this blog to get a few ideas out – this is mostly about transportation in the Wellington region, but also extends to wider NZ issues and urban planning ideas.

My motivation to write here is driven by dubious planning from central government – where horribly expensive motorways with over-inflated benefit claims are being built under the guise of ‘the future’.


As the population ages, how is independent mobility dealt with?

While this could be perceived as a good thing, overseas and historic experience can tell us, very quickly, that we’re wasting our time – that we should instead be investing the money being spent on highways on alternatives which have a better economic benefit, allow for increased disability with an ageing population, and in the long term are more sustainable.

With more compact cities and better urban form, we can use the space in better ways than simply as conduits for cars and at the same time, make the transport networks more efficient. Parks and spaces that are away from roads or bypass them provide a safer and more attractive city than if city blocks were the shop-footpath-road format.


Is a road the best use of that space between buildings? What if traffic flows would increase and public space could be created? New York City has had success converting Madison and Times Squares, and Broadway into public space. Article: NY Mag


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