A bridge for Pukeahu?

While I still can’t understand why Pukeahu was built the way it was (should have continued in a trench closer to the Terrace Tunnel and made a heap more pedestrian space), I feel that a bridge linking Pukeahu with the footpath and strip of land opposite Taranaki St would be awesome.


Looking toward Taranaki Street from Pukeahu. The potential for a people bridge connecting Pukeahu with Cuba Street

The bridge would add to the super-wide footpath by bringing actual pedestrians to said footpath. The curb could be made higher to exclude vehicle noise, and the whole strip turned into a park with more of a wild feel than the current “nature band-aids” that currently reside in the middle of the morose footpath.


Looking from Cuba Street side of Taranaki St. The land to the left is owned by NZTA, and is more than wide enough for a bridge. The strip could be turned into a small park, and vehicle noise damped-out with a wall.

Sadly, I know NZTA, there is no money for frivalties like footpaths and parks let alone bridges or pedestrians – no-one walks these days – its all about the car. Anyway, if there was any money for such a project, it would be spent making fake poppies in the Arras Tunnel and in the courts appealing the Basin Flyover project!


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