Bike ban could go

Plans to squeeze bikes in front of passenger seats on peak rail services have taken a step forward.


Greater Wellington Regional Council recognises that cycling to and from train stations provides a door-to-door transport solution for a growing number of public transport users

It comes as Greater Wellington Regional Council warns peak passenger space might not be boosted “any time soon”. Yesterday councillors approved an investigation into easing a bike ban on many peak Kapiti and Hutt line services, allowing bikes in areas that have five flip-up seats on Matangi trains.

o date was set for the changes but they would likely not start till October after a 35-unit top-up of trains arrives online.

The potential changes come as rail services face an increase in demand for bike space as cycling popularity grows.

6760691-Wairarapa_Line_Train_CartertonYesterday councillors moved to avoid political blushes after staff included an outline in their report how wheelchair spaces could be used for bike storage during off-peak journeys. They voted that bikes not be allowed in wheelchair spaces”at this time” In other changes, c0uncillors voted to increase bike space on the Wairarapa line on weekend and public holiday services, to meet growing recreational demand.


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