Poor use of space

Fantastic letter from the DomPost, 24th March

Urban road space is finite, valuable and hotly-contested. It therefore makes sense to prioritise transport modes that make efficient use of this space. This does not include cars.

If you use a tonne-and-a-half of machinery to shift just yourself at the same time as  thousands of other people, you should not expect an outcome other than congestion.

In light of this, Michael Barnett is right to question the NZTA’s suitability for leading transport protects (NZTA trapped in 20th century, March 22). The NZTA continues to ask  the question : ‘how do we move more cars?’

Instead, it should ask how do we move more  people?

Changing the question is the first step to improving public mobility.

Mt Victoria

A good question for the NZTA, our Civic and Regional leaders, but you’d have to get their heads out of the sand first.

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