Ngauranga to Petone: Easy changes, better riding

I asked for more detailed plans of the Ngauranga to Petone cycleway which were outlined in the NZTA documents being used for consultation, but surprisingly, there weren’t any – just a sketch and some grand plans seeking public approval.

Sea Wall - NZTA

My main frustration with the N2P project is that there are a few immediate changes that NZTA could make to make the ride much safer and more pleasant for all users. The next couple of drawings show some of the changes which aren’t hard to do; and they don’t take away any road, just use the space a little better.

Road Model-now

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The path is about 2m wide and feels really unloved. The pavement is cracked, stones and debris from the road are scattered and weeds grow out of the retaining wall.

One of the embanked corners between Ngauranga and Petone.

Straight away, you can see the metre or so that could easily become a shared path – just raise the path to above road level, and pave to the barrier. Instant extra width and an awesome cycleway:


Pic needs a bit of work, lol


The embanked corners are only part of the upgrades. Talk about entrance from Petone bridge. Talk about clip-on bridge bits. Add pics of bridge, video of ride, old footpath.





NZ’s ‘Foremost Transport Economist’ ?

Why is the $1.8b East-West Link is being funded but a $58 million rail project is being ignored despite yielding more value?

Julie Anne Genter’s line of questioning leaves little doubt that idealology is the main driver in funding the 2-billion-dollar road, and Bridges’ ‘answers’ confirm it.

With Maggie Barry looking as smug AF in the background, Bridges tries to hack his way through the argument with distractions and slander. So muddled in old and new reports, costs and benefits, that Bridges begins to claim a transport policy that sounds a lot like the Greens’, and even goes as far as calling Genter NZ’s foremost transport economist, twice!

Check out the full clip on Julie Anne’s Facebook Page (below) or InTheHouse – Bridges quip about NZs transport economist might be on the money.